Smart Development in Jacksonville Beach

Implementing smart growth strategies not only creates a thriving local economy but makes people want to live, work, and play in Jacksonville Beach. As your Councilman I will be sure to create a Jacksonville Beach where local businesses will continue to thrive. As both the economy and communities begin to emerge and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, relationships among businesses and communities will be important to recovery and the future success of Jacksonville Beach.

I will achieve smart development by helping anchor businesses around Jacksonville Beach. Anchor businesses are businesses that are placed and well positioned to attract customers in the area. From Harvard Business School’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, anchor businesses are described as ““Contributors”, coincidently supporting the local economy as they conduct their business or mission” and as “Economy Developers”, intentionally leading efforts to advance and strengthen elements of the local economy.” Building these sorts of businesses will allow “BLOBs” or beaches locally owned businesses, to tap into a new realm of economic success from the number of customers these anchor businesses attract. Whole Foods is just the latest example of how this helps drive traffic to a shopping center, enabling smaller stores to succeed.

If I am elected to be on Jacksonville Beach City Council, I will have a strategy to help our city with local businesses in mind. Successful businesses are good for us all, and helping to incentivize local business will create a more economically viable Jacksonville Beach. If you would like to support me in the running for Jacksonville Beach City Council, please fill out my contact form.

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