Public Safety for Jacksonville Beach

The safety of Jacksonville Beach residents will always be a top priority for me. Every resident of our city should feel safe in their neighborhood and their community. One way to help prevent crime in our city is by investing in our Police Department by the hiring of more officers. Our Jacksonville Beach Police Department not only address public safety concerns but strengthens our community through trust and building relationships among Jacksonville Beach residents and law enforcement. I am honored to have the endorsement of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 17. I respect our officers and am incredibly grateful to have the trust and support of those we trust most to keep us safe. I will work to strengthen the relationship between our residents, City Council, and our Police Department.

When we need them most, brave firefighters answer the call by putting themselves in harm’s way to protect your home, and your life. Most recently, our local firefighters merged with the Jacksonville Fire Department. Many were concerned about response times and quality of service they would receive. I am happy to say, response times are lower, and the majority of firefighters have welcomed the move to the Jacksonville Fire Department. I am honored to have the endorsement of the Jacksonville Association of Firefighters, Local 122. We must continue to support and thank these brave men and women for their hard work and bravery.

We must also be able to safely traverse our city via pedestrian sidewalks and designated bicycle lanes. We need to increase the ease of accessibility for our residents by establishing East-West and North-South greenways. Our crosswalks need to be properly lit, and well-marked. As residents, we should be able to walk or bicycle all over our city without fear. I want to make sure streetlights are always functioning properly and our streets are well lit. Streetlights provide valuable lighting to increase the visibility of the surrounding area, which promotes road safety for drivers and pedestrians alike. This increased visibility also decreases theft and violence. I want to make sure residents feel safe and comfortable on their street, while crossing the street, and using sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Even though these initiatives may seem small, they are critical to how residents and visitors experience Jacksonville Beach.

We must improve our public safety in order to maintain a pleasant, safe environment in Jacksonville Beach. If I am elected as your next Jacksonville Beach Councilman, I will make sure to address public safety concerns among residents and make it my mission to have long-term prosperity for our neighborhoods. If you would like to support me for Jacksonville Beach City Council, please contact me today to learn more or vote for Chet Stokes on November 3rd.

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