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Updated: Sep 21, 2020

First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to the campaign thus far. 2020 has been an extremely crazy and uncertain year, but your support has meant the difference in helping my campaign get to the place it is today.

With primaries behind us, we're in the season where the real work for this election begins. I will be out in the neighborhood knocking on doors and hosting meet and greets through November 3rd. In exciting news, yard signs are in and I can’t wait to start putting them out in JAX Beach. Please reach out to me if you would like one for your home or business and our team will be happy to deliver them to you. Yard signs are important because it shows true support for a candidate and I look forward to putting them out throughout the JAX Beach community.

Although COVID disrupted many candidates' larger campaign plans for several months, I continued to work on a personal level securing meetings and one on one appointments. I’m happy to say I’ve met with several leaders of Jacksonville Beach and members of the community and gained their support. I continued to do everything I could to keep gaining recognition among residents of JAX Beach so that when this time came, I would have the support needed to get to the finish line.

My message to the people of JAX Beach has not changed. I believe we need to do everything we can to support our law enforcement and their duty of keeping our streets safe. Chief Smith has done a great job filling the department at the present, but looking forward I see the need for more officers. We have two new hotels coming very soon and two more in the pipeline, which we anticipate to increase tourism significantly. We must give our police everything they need to do their job efficiently and correctly.

I’ve always been a staunch supporter of business, espeically local business. These unprecedented times caused by COVID have had a huge impact on many of the businesses of Jax Beach. I’ve seen several closures and some businesses hanging on by a thread. In talking with a local business owner in Jacksonville Beach, three of downtown JAX Beach's businesses are down $1 million dollars so far this year. We must support our BLOB (Beaches Locally Owned Businesses) and all businesses in JAX Beach so we have a thriving city once we've found an effective way to move past this virus. Our great city by the beach is growing and I want to make sure it’s done correctly.

I’ve met with several key individuals who have a vested interest in a thriving Jax Beach. One key component we all agree on is working with the government and not working side by side with our local government. That’s one thing I will bring to office in November. I plan to bring all business owners to the table and create a thriving plan that ensures intelligent growth both in our downtown and our community. We have several key things to fix in our land use and zoning ordinances and I’m ready to go to work on fixing them and bringing comprehensive overhaul to ordinances written in the 1980’s. With your continued support we can make JAX Beach the premier city on the coast in Northeast Florida.

Now is the most crucial time of the campaign. Between the primary and the general is when races are won and lost. I am planning to give 110% to these last crucial months of campaigning to ensure a victory on November 3rd that will allow me to make the impact I want to in our city With that said, I continue to ask for your support. I am still taking contributions to my campaign, they can be done in person or via my website. If you would like a yard sign, please email the campaign or contact me directly and we will bring one to your home or business. I greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word and letting people know just how crucial this race in JAX Beach is in regards to creating a better city for us all! th of August!


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