Creating a Downtown for All

The key to a vibrant city is a downtown area that caters to all its residents. Jacksonville Beach suffers from a downtown “Central Business District” that is lacking in business. We are incredibly fortunate to have our downtown district located just steps away from the beach, yet we are lacking restaurants and shops facing this immensely valuable resource. We have great nightlife, but we need more than just the nightlife to attract our residents to this area. That’s why I support creating a downtown Jacksonville Beach for all.

As your Councilman, I will make sure the vision plan is created using local resident input and input from businesses. I will then make sure we begin to implement that plan. Creating a vision plan is nothing new, we’ve had one in ’87 and ’07, however I believe now is the time to finally act on these plans. I will help create a council of action that can work with residents and business owners to create the downtown area we all desire. We don’t have to look far, our neighbors to the North have created a downtown area that caters to its residents and draws local visitors from all around. What do we need? We need restaurants, retail shopping, and entertainment for all ages. We have the space, we have the parking, and we have the best weather and view. Now is the time to start working for the future and creating a Jacksonville Beach downtown that becomes the local, social, and economic hub of the First Coast.

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