A Message from Your Newly Elected City Council Member

Dear Jacksonville Beach,

Thank you for electing me to City Council. Over the last several months I’ve met many of you on the campaign trail at your door, on the phone, and at events. Thank you for putting your trust in me to represent you. I could not be more excited to work every day for you.

This year has been tough for us all. We’ve faced a pandemic in this country like none I’ve ever seen. This election cycle was filled with extreme partisanship that put neighbor against neighbor. As we look to the next year and the next four years, I have one ask of you. I ask you to come together and put aside our differences. It’s time that we work together to create a better Jacksonville Beach for the present and the future.

I promise you that I will work for you, the residents of Jacksonville Beach in creating a better city for us all. I hope to improve our public safety including supporting our police, providing better crosswalks, supporting public education of ordinances, and improving the way we move about the city outside our vehicles. I will always support our local businesses. Now more than ever we need to help our neighborhood shops and restaurants. They have invested in our community and we must invest in them as well. I know our downtown district has been talked about for years with little improvement. I believe it’s time to stop the talking and put to action what we’ve been talking about for years. It’s time we create a shopping and dining destination for our residents in the heart of our city, utilizing the greatest natural resource we have here in the beach.

I thank you for your time, patience, and trust as your Councilmember. Everything I do will be to improve the quality of life we have here in Jacksonville Beach, and I think our future is very bright.


Chet Stokes

Jacksonville Beach City Council Seat 3 At Large Elect

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