Get to Know Chet


As a beaches native, there's nothing Chet loves more than the sand between his toes. Inspired by his father, Chester Stokes, Chet learned to care about the development of our city at a young age. He was the kid you could find reading books on history and politics, instead of whatever the current fad was. His love for this community has continued to grow, leading Chet to take the next step in his career and run for Jacksonville Beach City Council. 


After graduating from high school at Episcopal, Chet ventured off to Auburn University to continue exploring his love for politics and history. Upon graduating from Auburn with a degree in Political Science, he was excited to return to Jacksonville Beach to start his career as a professional.  

Chet has held leadership positions in several organizations, including his current role as Managing Partner and General Manager of Marsh Landing Country Club. He also serves as Vice President at Stokes Land Group.

His personal and professional roots run deep here at the beaches. Chet's passionate about seeing JAX Beach continue to thrive, and looks forward to becoming YOUR future Council Member.


Chet's Vision for Jacksonville Beach

Our community needs new leadership that will make a difference. We Need a New Voice for JAX Beach.


Chet Stokes Doesn’t Sit on the Sidelines. He is ready to make a difference for our families and our community.


As a Beaches Native, Chet has the vision for a long-term strategy that ensures a thriving city.


Our Community’s Future is Now. Chet knows that we need to have a City Council of action and will put his business experience to work for us.


A Business Owner and Job Creator. Chet isn’t afraid to do the hard work necessary to make a success.


It’s Time to Get Things Done for JAX Beach.


Keeping Our Streets Safe

The citizens of our great city need to feel safe. Chet will protect our children and our homes by hiring more police officers to help put an end to violent crime and keep our city safe.


Ensuring Intelligent Growth

Development of JAX Beach needs to be done carefully. Chet believes in keeping our city a vibrant local community and prioritizing family homes over apartments, rentals, or major development.


Supporting Local Businesses

Through inventive programs and an emphasis on local business, Chet is ready to boost our economy and ensure that our municipal government helps our citizens succeed.


Creating a Downtown JAX Beach for All

We need long-term, sustainable growth for our downtown. By revitalizing the sea walk pavilion, having a more vibrant restaurant scene, and solving parking issues, Chet will help create a downtown for everyone.